• A booking fee is required to book an appointment. Booking fees are NOT refundable; no exception. If you cancel your appointment, you do NOT receive a refund for your booking or session fee.
  • Photos, digital images, prints, and products in general are NOT included with your session fee. They are available for sale the day of your session.
  • You may change OR postpone your appointment ONCE with at least 72-hours advanced notice for a future date no more than 30 days away from the original appointment date.
  • Last-minute cancellations with less than 72-hours advanced notice is considered a no show and forfeit their session/booking fee.

Due to the nature of the business, all sales are final. NO exceptions. In addition, your invoice must be paid in FULL in order to receive your photos and products.


  • Female boudoir sessions are photographed by a female photographer, unless agreed otherwise. A male photographer will be present for couples and male sessions.
  • Do not bring pets or exotic animals
  • Do not bring firearms
  • Do not bring alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs
  • We are a smoke-free zone.  Smoking is NOT allowed anywhere on premises. In addition, due to the intimate nature of your photo session and the proximity to our team members, we appreciate if you do not smoke before coming to the session.
  • Cameras and phone cameras are NOT allowed during the session. Cell phones must be turned off and put away INSIDE YOUR BAG during your studio visit and session.
  • Please set aside at least five (5) hours to complete your session and photo selections. We are not responsible if we are not able to provide you with the expected/b booked services and amount of photo proofs because you did not schedule enough time for your session and no refunds will be given.
  • Pregnancy sessions: For your own safety and liability issues, we do NOT photograph pregnant women beyond their 8th month of pregnancy.
  • The studio is at the photographer's home; it's NOT a commercial location. However, this is subject to change anytime in the future. You will receive notification if your session has been moved to another location.
  • f you are allergic to pet hair, please be advised we do have pets who live in our place. They are not allowed inside the boudoir suites and we do clean up before each session. Also, they are kept away in a private room during the entire session, therefore, you will most likely never notice nor come in contact with them. That being said, we cannot guarantee that you will NOT come in contact with pet hair. Even after clean-up and limiting the areas our pets have access to, pet hair tends to move around without noticing. Therefore, if you have severe allergies to pet hair, we highly recommend you do not book our services. We are NOT responsible or liable for any allergic reactions or illness related to coming in contact with pet hair.
  • Do NOT wear perfume or suntan lotion. If you stain or damage anything, you are responsible for paying for a replacement.


  • Purchases are done the day of the session.
  • All selections are FINAL.
  • Photos that are not purchased the day of the session are deleted after your session is over; no exceptions.
  • Digital images purchased include standard editing ONLY. Standard photo editing includes color, contrast, and composition adjustments, removal of small temporary blemishes (think a pimple or bruise) and basic skin softening filter. Advanced photo editing is available for an additional fee and it may include large/multiple/difficult blemish removal, body contouring, tattoo removal, scar/stretchmarks/tan lines diminishing, and softening of skin discoloration.
  • Video footage is ONLY edited for color and composition. The final video footage is approximately two minutes long.
  • If you purchase a boudoir video, you can expect the final video footage to be approximately one to five minutes long.
  • Images and video footage will be edited to the photographer’s discretion.
  • We reserve the creative right to edit and release only photos and video footage that are deemed creditable as professional in quality and within our artistic standards.
  • The Photographer reserves the rights to select, keep, edit and release only those photographs and video footage that meet his or her artistic standards. RAW files are NOT available for sale and are discarded after the photographer emails the final purchased products to the client.
  • The Studio keeps photos and video footage for a limited amount of time, subject to the Studio's discretion. Client accepts all responsibility for archiving and protecting their photographs and video footage. Sexy Beautiful Me , LLC is NOT not responsible for the lifespan of any digital media or print products sold.
  • All photos and video footage received from us are final. Additional editing and revisions are NOT possible.


  • The turn-around for final products is approximately four to six weeks after you’ve made your selections and paid your invoice in full. It will take longer during peak season and Holidays.
  • Sessions with a pending balance: full payment is required BEFORE products are delivered.
  • When you purchase digital images, you will receive a link to download your images as soon as they are ready for download AND your invoice is paid in full. Your download link is only available for five business days. Please download your images while the link is available. We are NOT responsible for the permanent storage of your photos and delivery beyond the link expiration date.
  • Video footage may be delivered in your choice of ONE method: A DVD, via email through a download link, or USB stick.


  • Sexy Beautiful Me, LLC is the rightful owner of all photos taken during your session.
  • You may not post any images online or print publications without giving credit to Sexy Beautiful Me, LLC as the creative authors.
  • You may NOT use your images for commercial purposes without Negroni Studio’s written consent.
  • You may not reproduce any printed images, albums, or print products purchased from our studio in any way including but not limited to any form of print or electronic reproduction.
  • When you purchase high-resolution digital images, you will receive print permission for personal use. Your print release does not allow the photos to be altered, sold or published. Once again, you are NOT allowed to alter your final photos in any way.
  • Satisfaction: We strive to make sure you are completely satisfied with the overall experience and with your photos. However due to the nature of the product, all sales are final including your session fee. Refunds or any kind of monetary compensation should NOT be expected if the client is dissatisfied with her photos.


  • The client assumes full liability for any property damage done to our equipment by themselves and companions and agree to reimburse property owner for such damage.
  • The client releases Sexy Beautiful Me, LLC and its owners, contractors and employees and assume full liability for any personal damages done to themselves, third-party vendors or any companions, during their photo session.


  • For purposes of this Section, “disparage” shall mean any negative statements, reviews, comments, or feedback, whether written or oral, about The Studio or services provided by the Studio and its owners, independent contractors and employees.
  • The Client and the Studio agree that they will not post any negative statements, reviews, comments, or feedback about the Studio or services provided to any third party whether orally or in any written publication or online forum, chat room, or message board, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.
  • Parties agree that in the event of the client’s dissatisfaction with the Studio services, the Studio will make their best effort to respond to the Client’s concerns and voluntarily offer a solution that would satisfy both parties.
  • Parties agree that it would be impracticable and extremely difficult to ascertain the amount of actual damages caused by a failure to comply with this provision. Parties agree that in the event it is established that Client has filed to comply with this provision, liquidated damages equal to attorneys fees shall be payable to the Studio.


  • If you added makeup and hair to your session, please be advised that an additional service fee applies to style hair extensions (both synthetic or natural hair), hair pieces, wigs, etc.
  • Please arrive with your hair clean and dry.  We are NOT a hair salon and cannot provide washing or hair drying services. We reserve the right to refuse hair curling service for sanitary reasons if your hair is not clean.
  • If you have makeup allergies, please bring your own makeup for the stylist to use.
  • Styling fees are due in cash the day of your session. Gratuity is not included and highly appreciated by our stylist.
  • Please bring a pair of false lashes.

Your session has being given a specific start time. Please, plan your drive time to arrive at least 15 minutes prior your session start time. Customers who arrive late will have their time frame shorten to accommodate their scheduled time-frame. For example, if you booked a one-hour session and arrive 20 minutes late, your session will be 40 minutes instead. Our cancellation policy applies to customers that do not arrive within 30 minutes from their scheduled start time. If you encounter a last-minute situation out of your control that will cause you to arrive late, a courtesy call is expected and highly appreciated.

In the event that costumer become unreasonable or hard to work with, and/or verbally abusive or aggressive, Negroni Studio, LLC reserves the right to cancel their appointment, refuse to service the client, and NO refunds will be issued.

Please inform the studio before you sign this agreement if you are a professional photographer. A Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement is required to customers who are professional photographers, or planning to start their own photography business.

When you book an appointment, you agree to all the studio policies listed on this page. Click here to book an appointment.