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Your investment is divided into two parts: The session fee, which cover the experience and the photo collection that you purchase after the session.

Session Fee

Session fee is on sale for only $30 via GROUPON instead of $275 and it includes:

❤️ Complimentary dry hair curling
💄 Complimentary makeup application
📷  📷  A fully coached one-hour photo session with up to two (2) wardrobe changes
👗 Access to our small collection of vintage dresses
👠 Access to our shoe + accessories collection
💻 Same-day photo viewing + ordering session
📷  Photos are not included. They are purchased separately the day of your session.

Photo Investment

After your session is over, we will go over your photos and you’ll decide which photos you would like to purchase. We don’t sell prints. We sell high resolution digital images with print permission and a five (5) image minimum purchase required. Our smallest bundle of five (5) high-resolution digital images with prints rights is priced at $375 plus tax. Additional images can be added @$75 each.





Q. Where in Central Florida are you located?

A. My sessions are held in my home in Groveland, Florida. Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont. We are approximately 35-45 minutes from most Orlando areas, about 1 hour from most North Orlando (Seminole County) areas, and about 1½ hours from Tampa. Our clients come from all over Florida, but mostly from the Orlando area.


A. No, sorry. You can’t combine two session styles on a single appointment. The experience, styling, lighting, photoshoot, and everything about a pin-up session is different from a boudoir session. However, if you want “sexy” pin-up photos, you can choose our boudoir bedroom as one of your sets. Just make sure your lingerie matches the era.

Q. WHat type of backdrops do you have?

A. Standard pin-up sessions are shoot with traditional paper background, usually in bright colors (yellow, pink, blue, etc.) as shown on the gallery above. If you opt for a “sexy look”, we have a bedroom area that can be used for lingerie photos. We also schedule special “themed” sets and backdrops throughout the year.

Q. How long does it take to get my photos ready?

A. Depends on our queue list and the time of the year. It could take 2 to 8 weeks. Please come in for your session at least two months before any deadlines to ensure delivery by your due date or 4 months if you are doing a payment plan.

Q. What happens the day of my session?

A. When you come in for your session, we will have a short consultation to go over your wardrobe. Then your retro makeover begins! After your makeover is ready, we'll discuss a few pointers about posing like a vintage doll and then the FUN begins! When your session is over, we will take a short 45-minute lunch break. You will go out for lunch to any of the nearby places while we download your photos and them ready for viewing and selection. When you come back, we will go over your photos and you'll decide which ones you'd like to purchase. Overall, the entire experience may take up to six hours, so please plan your day accordingly and leave plenty of room between commitments!

Q. My girlfriend and I want to come in together for our own sessions.

A. Sorry, that's not possible. We prefer to take my time with one client at a time, therefore, we don’t schedule multiple client sessions.

Q. Can I bring a companion?

A. No, sorry. It is my experience that clients have a little difficulty connecting with me, take longer to relax, and have difficulty during the posing and coaching session when they are paying attention to another person instead of me. In addition, I don’t have room to spare to keep them away from the shooting areas. Please do not bring companions to your session.

Q. Do you have props?

A.I do have a small selection of vintage props, but for the most part you won’t need any. Props are usually used on limited-edition special themes we shoot throughout the year.

Q. Do you provide wardrobe?

A. We have a small selection of retro dresses, bathing suits, shoes and accessories that you are welcomed to use. Contact us with your dress and shoe size to find out if we have something that would fit you.

Q. I WANT TO BRING MY OWN WARDROBE. What do you suggest for a pin-up session?

  • A retro/vintage dress (I have a small collection of dresses and petticoats to lift the dress.)

  • A pencil skirt and top

  • High-waist pants (shorts, capris, or slacks) and top (Must be high-waist to fit the era.)

  • Retro Lingerie: bullet bra, high-waist panty, full size girdle, Cuban heel stockings, etc.

  • You can do a nude cover with sheets look (Think Marilyn in bed wrapped in sheets.)

  • Retro swimwear (I have a few available. Contact me first for info.)

  • Accessories like cardigans and scarfs. (I have plenty of hair flowers.)

Q. Where can I purchase vintage clothing?

A. You can find amazing deals on Amazon and Ebay! If you purchase on Amazon on Ebay, don’t forget to go up one or two sizes as they usual sell Asian sizes which are a lot smaller than the standard American dress size.

There is a local shop in Deland called Pinup Parlor Boutique. You can also purchase retro wardrobe online through many of the specialty online shops available including Retro Glam, Unique Vintage, Pinup Girl Clothing or even eBay. Don’t forget a garter and Cuban heel stockings to complete the look.


A:  Bring the following in case you want to wear something from our closet:

  • a nude strapless bra and a regular bra

  • a nude panty (high-waste preferred)

  • sheer pantyhose (full pantyhose that goes up to the waist)

Q.  I have no idea how to pose for the camera; can you help?

A. Absolutely! Don’t worry about posing. That’s our job! We’ll guide you through all the fun vintage poses!


A: Red nail polish is recommended. Avoid french or contemporary colors that were not common during that era.


A: We highly recommend you match your toes to your hand nail polish, especially if you plan on posing barefoot or with a bathing suit.





  • A $100 cancellation fee applies to all cancelled appointments. You will be required to provide a valid card number NOW to be charged in an event of a cancellation.

  • Postponements are NOT available except for documented emergencies. If you cancel or do not show up to your appointment you will forfeit your booking/session fee or will be charged $100 cancellation fee. Emergencies are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Companions are NOT allowed. Only the lady getting photographed can be on premises during the entire experience. We don’t schedule group sessions. We take care of ONE client per day only.

  • Please book an appointment at least eight weeks prior any deadlines. If you are doing a three-month payment plan, please come in for your session at least five months prior.

  • After you book an appointment, you will receive an email within 48 hours to sign our Studio Agreement. Please make sure that you sign this agreement before it expires to avoid a cancellation.






Send Mya a text to 407-325-3229 with your questions or to schedule a call. We’ll get back to you by the next business day during business hours.