Pin-Up Photography Details

What’s pin-up photography?
Pin-up girls were models in the 40’s and 50’s whose mass-produced pictures appeared in magazines, newspapers, posters, calendars, and postcards. These pictures are also sometimes known as cheesecake photos. Pin-up photos are sexy while leaving a lot to the imagination. These sessions are flirty and fun.

Who are you?
Hello gorgeous! My name is Mya and I specialize in intimate portraiture for women. Women photography is my passion and my full time job for the past six years. Click here to read a little more about me.

Where in Central Florida are you located?
My sessions are held in my home in Groveland, Florida. Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont. We are approximately 35-45 minutes from most Orlando areas, about 1 hour from most North Orlando (Seminole County) areas, and about 1½ hours from Tampa. Our clients come from all over Florida, but mostly from the Orlando area.

What happens the day of my session?
When you come in for your session, we’ll have a short consultation were we’ll go over your wardrobe, and talk about your session, expectations, and concerns. I want to make sure that you LOVE your experience as much as I want you to LOVE your photos. After your consultation the transformation begins with vintage hair and makeup. After your makeover your session begins! On average, we spend approximately 20-30 minutes per look. After your session is done, we will take a short 30-40 lunch break. You will go out and grab something for lunch to one of the many nearby food places while I download and sort your photos. When you come back from lunch, we will go over your proof gallery and you’ll make your selections.

How much is a pin-up session?
Your investment is divided into two parts: sitting fee + photos.  Your  sitting/session fee includes a one-hour, fully-coached, photography session, vintage hair styling and makeup. Bring an pose with up to two (2) wardrobe changes.  Photos are sold in digital bundles and they start at $350 plus tax. Contact me via email to receive a detailed photo pricing list.

How long will the session everything take?
You will be here approximately three to five hours. Please plan your day accordingly.

What’s included with your standard editing?
Standard editing includes adjustment of color, contrast, and composition, and a light skin airbrush enhancement. Most of the photos you see throughout the website included standard editing. For the most part, most blemishes including stretchmarks and such are diminished considerably with the standard skin airbrush process. Advanced detailed editing is available for an additional creative fee.

Do you sell prints or canvases?
No, I do not. However, when you purchase digital images, you will receive a print release so that you can obtain prints or canvases anywhere you wish.

Do you sell single/individual digital images instead of a bundle?
No, I do not. Digital images are sold in bundles only as shown above.

When would I need to place my order by?
All orders must be placed the day of your session.

What happens to the photos I don’t purchase?
The photos you do not purchase are deleted after your session.

How many proofs will I have to choose from?
It depends on your comfort level and how long it takes you to get ready between changes. On average you can expect to see approximately 30-50 proofs from your session.

How long does it take to get my photos ready?
Depends on our queue list and the time of the year. It could take 2 to 8 weeks. Please come in for your session at least a month or two before any deadlines to ensure delivery by your due date.

How do I receive the digital images I purchase?
Purchased digital images are delivered electronically with a download link. Download them to your computer, then burn your own disks or drives.

How far out are you taking appointments?
My schedule is currently open until the end of 2017.

My girlfriend and I want to come in together for our own sessions. Is that possible?
No, it’s not possible. I prefer to take my time with one client at a time, therefore, I don’t schedule multiple client sessions.

How long is my voucher valid for?
Your voucher should have an expiration date.

How long do I have to make my appointment?
You need to make your appointment before your voucher expires.

Do photography men, children, or families?
No, I don’t. I specialize in women portraiture and photograph women 21+ only.

Can I bring a companion?
No, sorry. It is my experience that clients have a little difficulty connecting with me, take longer to relax, and have difficulty during the posing and coaching session when they are paying attention to another person instead of me. In addition, I don’t have room to spare to keep them away from the shooting areas. Please do not bring companions to your session.

I want to keep my photos private. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Your privacy is very important to me. All the ladies you see on my website gave me permission to share their photos. Unless you give me permission, we will NOT share your photos!

Do you have props?
I do have a small selection of props that you can use to match your vintage theme if needed.

Do you provide wardrobe?
You must bring your own wardrobe. However, I do have small selection of heels sizes 7-11 and a small selection of retro dresses sizes 2-10.

What do you suggest for a pin-up session?

  • A retro/vintage dress (I have petticoats to lift the dress.)
  • A pencil skirt and top
  • High-waist pants (shorts, capris, or slacks) and top (Must be high-waist to fit the era.)
  • Retro Lingerie: bullet bra, high-waist panty, full size girdle, Cuban heel stockings, etc.
  • You can do a nude cover with sheets look (Think Marylin in bed wrapped in sheets.)
  • Retro swimwear (I have a few available. Contact me first for info.)
  • Accessories like cardigans and scarfs. (I have plenty of hair flowers.)

Where can I purchase vintage clothing?
There is a local shop in Deland called Pinup Parlor Boutique. You can also purchase retro wardrobe online through many of the specialty online shops available including Doll Me Up (very affordable), Retro Glam, Unique Vintage, Pinup Girl Clothing or even eBay. Don’t forget a garter and Cuban heel stockings to complete the look.

I don’t like the cellulite in my thighs/legs. What should I do?
Purchase these right now (they take a few weeks to arrive) or these if you are plus size and wear them under your wardrobe. Trust me; they make miracles hiding cellulite!

I have no idea how to pose for the camera; can you help?
Absolutely! Don’t worry about posing. That’s my job! From facial expressions to body posture, you will be guided down to your fingertips to look your best regardless of your body type.

Should I tan before my session?
NO, PLEASE DON’T! Tanning tends to look orange and red in photos. Natural skin tones photograph best no matter who pale the skin is.

How do I book an appointment?
Click here to schedule your appointment.