Why I Shoot Boudoir


It was 2010 when I first found out about boudoir photography. I was browsing through my educational options during WPPI (an annual photographer’s conference) when I came across theses two beautiful ladies who are boudoir photographers and educators. It wasn’t what they did, but WHY they did it that caught my attention. As I read their story on how they help every day women feel beautiful and embrace their unique beauty, I remember telling my husband that I finally found my calling. I wanted to be that woman. The one who helps other woman realize that they are beautiful and perfect just the way they are. They one that guided them through this amazing journey of empowerment and re-discovery. I wanted to be that photographer. So I booked my very first boudoir photography workshop and bought tickets to San Diego to my very first experience with what has become the most amazing and rewarding career any woman could have.

Some people might think that my job it's superficial and vain but they are so wrong. You see, a session with me is so much more than a photoshoot. It's a life-changing experience. My clients are kind, strong, survivors, givers, mothers, wives, and smart women. Sometimes too busy to take care of themselves. I help them realize they are just as beautiful on the outside, and there is no shame in embracing their unique beauty and sexiness. I remind them that beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes and that our beauty transforms throughout the years but is NEVER lost. I want my client to finally see herself through the eyes of the people who love and admire her and when I see them cry of joy and excitement when they see their photos, I know that I have the best job in the world. 

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