Preparing For Your Shoot


So you book your appointment and now it’s time to get ready! Here are a few tips that will help you get ready:

  1. Make sure you join our ladies-only Facebook group. We post daily updates, photos from recent sessions, studio videos, and a lot of information that will help you feel more comfortable with your session because you’ll know what to expect and you get to witness other amazing women go through their own experience!

  2. Go shopping as soon as you book your appointment and try everything on as soon as you purchase it. Don’t wait last minute! You want plenty of time for returns and Plan B if needed.

  3. Schedule your manicure, pedicure, hair removal, hair coloring, and all your pampering and beauty appointments right away.

  4. Don’t “experiment” with new haircuts or colors before your shoot.

  5. Stay away from the sun! Tanned skin looks red in photos.

  6. Stay away from Pinterest or other photographer’s websites. You do NOT need to worry about posing. That’s OUR job. Mya has years of experience, hours of education on the subject, on how to make our clients feel comfortable and look their best.

  7. Use the Google Map link sent on your prep email to find out how long it will take you to get to us and add about 20 additional minutes to your commute. Don’t wait until the morning of the shoot for this! You want to plan your morning ahead of time to avoid stress.

  8. If you have ANY questions or concerns, Mya is only a simple text message away! It’s common for some of our clients to send her text messages of their wardrobe if they are not sure about their selections. That’s what we are here for!

  9. The night before your shoot make sure you hydrate and get a good-night’s sleep.

  10. If mother nature pays you a surprised visit the morning of your shoot, don’t worry about it! The truth is that the usual bloating and discomfort will NOT show on your photos.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 407-325-3229 or fill out the contact form to find our about this amazing experience!

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