Client's Love

I feel like a woman

I was nervous when i first saw Sexy Beautiful Me advertised but i also knew this was something I totally wanted to do. I am a transgender woman and I did not know how Mya would respond to me. Mya treated me like I believe she would any of her other clients. She made me feel confident and sexy. I felt like i was talking to a girlfriend I had for a long time when i was sitting in her chair while she did my makeup. I felt like a beautiful sexy woman and the end result of my shoot was well amazing. I loved how each one of my pictures came out.

Jennifer Caswell

Great experience

Omg… Maya is the best.. I was so nervous at first, but then when I met her and we started talking and laughing, it’s like I’d known her for years.. I felt sooooo comfortable.. It was lots of work but lots of fun too.. I felt sexy as hell and the photos turned out great! I will definitely be back again!!

Alexis Graham

Totally Awesome

I was a little hesitant as my sheet session was my first ever.. but from the moment I stepped foot inside Mya made me feel so at ease. She did my make up and it was exactly what I wanted and my photos even at the age of 50 were fabulous. It was so an awesome experience I would recommend Mya to anyone looking for Boudoir photos. I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Mya

Francey Halbert


I got lucky the day I came across Mya while searching for a Boudoir photographer as a wedding gift for my husband. Right away knew she was the perfect photographer for me, I felt so comfortable just talking to her before my first session. Was I nervous absolutely, she helped ease my nerves and made me feel stunning. I had such great experience and my husband absolutely loved his wedding gift. I’ve had 6 sessions and plan on many more.  She is amazing ladies, so what are you waiting for.

Salita Worthington


All my life I have always hated having my pictures taken. I’m 4’8″, I was always told I was cute, sweet, teeny, but never Beautiful or Sexy!
I don’t have much self esteem, it took a lot for me to do these pictures. I thought I was doing them for my husband and our 38th anniversary, but after seeing them, I realize I did them more for me. For the first time in my life I felt Beautiful, I felt Sexy! Mya has a gift of making you feel so comfortable, she helps you forget that you are posing for boudoir pictures, so you end up feeling very natural and your self. She has an amazing talent and gift! All I can do is say thank you Mya, you have shown me someone who I didn’t know who I was, and now can believe I am.
I can’t wait to do the next session with you.

Ellen Calma

In love w/ myself… ❤️

I was sooooo freaked out about this! The first time I saw Mya’s photos I knew I wanted to do it. It was one of my new year’s resolution for 2015, but failed it… so the moment I was able to book it (3/2016), I went for it.
Everything happened… I twisted my ankle, I hated my original wardrobe, I got sick, I couldn’t find shoes (I’m size 13!!!)… but after Mya’s encouraging words I was so ready that when the day came I felt like a million dollars model…
I had so much fun doing this. Mya is a special lady. I plan on doing more of this, because not only the experience is worth it, but the final product is amazing. I love my photos and I can’t believe that’s me!!! The fun part is that I was already in love with them before any editing… because the way she is able to capture you is unique. She gets the best out of yourself until you get to fall in love with yourself all over again… I recommend you to try it!!!

Kei VelHer


I booked my session for myself as a birthday present. I was nervous and excited. I am by no means a skinny girl, I love my curves and flaws. Mya made me feel so comfortable from the moment she opened the door. I had such a hard time picking my pictures because they were all my favorite. I have had 2 friends book with Mya after my experience. I will be booking again!!

Jennifer Maze


I am a curvy girl who suffers with poor self esteem and body shame. I have always wanted to try something like this but never had the courage. When I saw the ad i just said thats it. I am going to do this for me. It was 1 of the best experiences of my life!!! Seeing myself in such a light was amazing. I am so much more happy with myself and my appearance because I was finally able to see me as beautiful. Mya was absolutely amazing and coached me through something I would never have thought I could do and I will be forever grateful and thankful that I did this for myself!! Thank you so much for showing me that no matter what size I am, I am still beautiful!

Carla Toth

Absolute love!

I absolutely LOVE doing boudoir photo shoots. They’re gorgeous. I have experience in doing this but none of my experiences have been like mine at Sexy Beautiful Me. The studio is absolutely stunning. Every room gorgeous and perfect for photos, especially the outside tub. Mya, the photographer, is the perfect coach so whether this is your first time or your tenth, with her expertise your photos will be beyond sexy and beautiful. I’m already shopping for outfits to book another shoot. I’m over an hour away but it was worth every second, every penny.

Terris M

Loved it!

This was such a fun day! Mya is super sweet and makes you feel very comfortable and confident during the shoot. My pictures were all so beautiful that I had a hard time choosing! Thank you again Mya, I had a great time!


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