In love w/ myself… ❤️

I was sooooo freaked out about this! The first time I saw Mya’s photos I knew I wanted to do it. It was one of my new year’s resolution for 2015, but failed it… so the moment I was able to book it (3/2016), I went for it.
Everything happened… I twisted my ankle, I hated my original wardrobe, I got sick, I couldn’t find shoes (I’m size 13!!!)… but after Mya’s encouraging words I was so ready that when the day came I felt like a million dollars model…
I had so much fun doing this. Mya is a special lady. I plan on doing more of this, because not only the experience is worth it, but the final product is amazing. I love my photos and I can’t believe that’s me!!! The fun part is that I was already in love with them before any editing… because the way she is able to capture you is unique. She gets the best out of yourself until you get to fall in love with yourself all over again… I recommend you to try it!!!

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