All my life I have always hated having my pictures taken. I’m 4’8″, I was always told I was cute, sweet, teeny, but never Beautiful or Sexy!
I don’t have much self esteem, it took a lot for me to do these pictures. I thought I was doing them for my husband and our 38th anniversary, but after seeing them, I realize I did them more for me. For the first time in my life I felt Beautiful, I felt Sexy! Mya has a gift of making you feel so comfortable, she helps you forget that you are posing for boudoir pictures, so you end up feeling very natural and your self. She has an amazing talent and gift! All I can do is say thank you Mya, you have shown me someone who I didn’t know who I was, and now can believe I am.
I can’t wait to do the next session with you.

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