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All the details about current Groupon and Living Social special offer.



All the details about current Groupon and Living Social special offer.

Where in Central Florida are you located?
I shoot out of my home in Groveland, Florida.  All the photos you see throughout the website were taken here (more photos below).  Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont.  I am approximately 45 minutes from most Orlando areas, about 1 hour from most North Orlando (Seminole County) areas, and about 1½ hours from Tampa. My clients come from all over Florida, but mostly from the Orlando area.

How much is a session and what’s included with my voucher?
Your investment is divided into two parts: Session Fee + Photos. Session fee is $275, however, your voucher covers the session fee plus it includes a $50 Studio Credit you can apply towards your photo purchase. Photos are purchased separately the day of your session.

Are hair and makeup included with my voucher?
No, they are not.  You need to arrive with your hair and makeup camera ready.

Where can I get my hair and makeup done?
My suggestion is to check with your stylist! Your stylist might be able to give you a suggestion if she/he cannot do it. There are a few salons nearby including Bangz Hair Design, Urban Hair Lounge, where you can get hair and makeup done before coming in for your session.

What's included with the session?
You session is a fully-coached one-hour photography session with an experienced and award winner photographer (read more about me below!). I will coach you from your head down to your toes with most flattering poses based on your comfort level. Bring and pose with up to three wardrobe changes or looks.

What’s the cost for photos?
I do NOT sell prints. I only sell high-resolution digital images in bundles with print rights.  You may use your purchased digital images to get prints anywhere you wish. I can also print a 10 or 20-photo Little Black Book from your purchased photos for an additional fee.


10 high-resolution digital images = $350 + tax
15 high-resolution digital images = $450 + tax
20 high-resolution digital images = $550 + tax
25 high-resolution digital images = $650 + tax
30 high-resolution digital images = $750 + tax
35 high-resolution digital images = $850 + tax
40+ high-resolution digital images = $950 + tax



(Reg. price of $950.  $350 special price includes $50 Groupon’s studio credit.
Payment plan available: only $155 down and $20 a week for three months.)

(Click here to view sample APP or to download it to your phone!)

A mobile phone APP with your purchased photos = Add $50 + tax to prices above
A USB Flash Drive + Gift Box with your purchased photos = Add $50 + tax to prices above
A Little Black Book with 10 of your purchased photos= Add $50 + tax to prices above
A Little Black Book with 20 of your purchased photos= Add $75 + tax to prices above


What's included with your standard editing?
Standard editing includes adjustment of color, contrast, and composition, and light skin airbrush enhancement for that magazine look.  Standard editing does NOT include removal of blemishes or body contouring. Advanced editing is available by request for an additional fee.

If I opt for a payment plan, when do I receive my digital photos?
Photos are delivered after you pay your invoice in full.

When would I need to place my order by?
All orders must be placed the day of your session. Remember that I do offer a payment plan! Only $155 the day of your session and easy weekly payments for three months until you pay your balance in full.

How many photos do you usually take?
It depends on the type of session you book. On average you can expect to see approximately 50-75 proofs from your session.

How do you deliver my purchased digital images?
Purchased digital images are delivered electronically with a download link. Download them to your computer, then burn your own disks or drives. You may also opt for a USB Flash Drive + gift box option for an additional fee as noted above.

What happens the day of the my session?
When you come in for your session, we will chat for a few minutes before we get started. We'll go over your wardrobe and decide which outfits would look best. Then the fun begins! Do NOT worry about posing. That's my job! From facial expressions to how to move your hands, arms, legs... all the way to your toes! Once your session is over, we will go over your photos and you'll get to make your purchase at that time.

How long will everything take?
Although your session is an hour long, you will spend approximately three hours with me when you count the prep time, the time I need to download your photos, and the time that will take to viewand choose your photos after your session. Please plan your day accordingly.

My girlfriend and I want to come in together for our own sessions. Is that possible?
No, it's not possible.  I prefer to take my time with one client at a time, therefore, I don’t schedule multiple client sessions.

How long is my voucher valid for?
Your voucher should have an expiration date.

How long do I have to make my appointment?
You need to make your appointment before your voucher expires.

How long does it take to get my photos ready?
Depends on our queue list and the time of the year. It could take a few days to a few weeks. Please come in for your session at least a month before any deadlines to ensure delivery by your due date. If you are doing a payment plan, your photos are not delivered until your invoice is paid in full, therefore, please come in at least four months prior any deadlines.

Can I bring a companion?
No, sorry. It is my experience that clients have a little difficulty connecting with me, take longer to relax, and have difficulty during the posing and coaching session when they are paying attention to another person instead of me.  In addition, I don’t have room to spare to keep them away from the shooting areas.  Please do not bring companions to your session.

Is there an age minimum for a session?
Yes. We photograph women 21 and over only.

Do you photograph nudes?
Yes, I do.

Do you photograph bachelorette parties or groups?
No, I don’t. I’d much rather take my time with one client at a time.

Would you travel to my location or a local hotel for my shoot?
No, I don’t. I only hold sessions at my place.

Do you photograph plus size women?
Yes, I do! In fact, most of my clients are full figure. Unfortunately for me, I can’t show most of my work on my website’s portfolio.  However, you many ladies will let me share sneaks from their sessions on my private ladies-only Facebook group.  Please join my group to stay up-to-date on last-minute availability, chat with previous costumers, and see more of my work!

Do you photograph men?
No, I don’t photograph men. Women 21 years old and over only.

Do you photograph pregnant women?
Yes, however, keep in mind I do NOT shoot traditional maternity photos. Only boudoir. Therefore, you will be photographed in lingerie just like my regular boudoir sessions. Also, for your safety, I do not photograph pregnant women with a due date four weeks or less away.

I want to keep my photos private. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Your privacy is very important to me.  All the ladies you see on my website gave me permission to share their photos. Unless you give me permission, we will NOT share your photos!

Do you provide wardrobe?
NO. You must bring your own wardrobe. Lingerie is personal and intimate and we think it should not be shared among strangers. I do have small selection of sexy heels sizes 7-11 for the gals who normally don’t wear heels and prefer not to make the investment.

What should I bring/choose for my BOUDOIR session?

  • A bra/panty set
  • A bralette/panty set (These are very popular now!)
  • Teddy
  • Bodysuit (my favorite and flattering for all bodies!)
  • Corset/Garter/Stockings
  • Tank top and undies (perfect for casual gals)
  • Sweater/tube socks (perfect for casual gals)
  • Your guy’s work shirt and tie
  • Favorite team’s jersey and matching undies (preferable a female size jersey that is fitted)
  • You may opt for a nude session. You can cover up with sheets or pose inside our outdoor vintage tub.

I don’t like my stomach. What should I wear?
My philosophy is ROCK your body because it's beautiful the way it is. With that said, I understand that most of us are a little uneasy when it comes to our stomach area. If you don’t want your stomach shown on your photos, wear a teddy, a tank top w/high waist panty, a body-suit, or anything that covers it up. Skip the bra/panty look (unless is a high-waist panty that covers the stomach in FULL) and do not wear a bikini or thong even if it comes with your teddy.  Also, avoid corsets. They tend to ride up and expose your stomach. Please, do not show up with wardrobe that exposes your stomach and expect me to pose you hiding your stomach all the time. Not only you will be missing out on half the fun, but when you bring wardrobe you don't feel comfortable with, it makes your experience less pleasant and difficult. Below are some examples from

I don’t like the cellulite in my thighs/legs. What should I do?
Bring a pair of "sheer to waist" pantyhose! Purchase these now if your session is a few weeks away (they take a few weeks to arrive) or these if you are plus size. Trust me; they make miracles hiding cellulite! If you don't have time to order online, go to Target or Walmart and just purchase any "sheer to waist" pair that fits. "Sheer to waist" are basically invisible on the panty area.

Do you provide props?
I do have a few for pin-up sessions only. With the exception of “bedroom props” (think 50 shades of grey), I am not a fan of props for boudoir as they tend to give your photos an outdated kitschy look.   I do have a few masks and other sexy accessories you can use during your session.

I have no idea how to pose for the camera; can you help?
Absolutely! Don’t worry about posing. That’s my job! From facial expressions to body posture, you will be guided down to your fingertips to look your best regardless of your body type. I wont ask you to “look” at me sexy. Instead, I will show you exactly how to accomplish that!

I don’t think I’m sexy or beautiful. How can you make me look or look beautiful and sexy?
It is normal to feel that way some insecurities about posing in lingerie. I’ve learned from leaders in the industry how to pose and photograph women to look their best.  In addition, you’ll be coached from your head down to your toes, including facial expressions, throughout your session. That being said, the final result it’s up to YOU.  No amount of coaching will work on a woman with extreme confidence issues and who constantly looks for the things they don’t like in their pictures.  When you coming for your session, leave your inhibitions at the door, come in the right frame of mind, and get ready to have FUN and embrace your beautiful body just the way it is!

Should I tan before my session?
NO, PLEASE DON'T! Tanning tends to look orange and red in photos. Natural skin tones photograph best no matter who pale the skin is. Even out skin tones is NOT included with our standard editing.

Can you photoshop the areas in my body I’d like to change?
No.  Standard editing doesn't include any type of photoshoping. My philosophy is that every woman is beautiful. I will pose you in the most flattering way possible. The best way to disguise areas you are not crazy about is with your wardrobe.

Can I bring you a list of poses I want to do during my shoot?
I’d rather you don’t.  To replicate a photo is time consuming. There are many factors that come together to make a photo the way it looks: location, lighting conditions, camera settings, equipment used, the subject’s body, etc.  I already have my own creative flow that will result in beautiful classy images as seen throughout my website.

How do I book an appointment?
Click here to schedule your appointment.


Who We Are

"My goal is that every single client that comes through my door feels beautiful and sexy. I also want them to have FUN and to feel pampered in the process." - Mya

Who We Are

"My goal is that every single client that comes through my door feels beautiful and sexy. I also want them to have FUN and to feel pampered in the process." - Mya



Hi! My name is Mya and I’m the owner at Sexy Beautiful Me (TM).  I’ve been a photographer since 2006 and a makeup artist since 2013. I learned about boudoir photography while preparing my class schedule for a photographer’s conference. The boudoir photographers, who later because my mentors, talked about how it felt helping everyday women rediscover their beauty and fall in love with themselves all over again. I decided right there that I wanted to do that too! My goal as your photographer is to have fun, and make you feel like a supermodel for a day.

Many ladies book a boudoir session because they want a sexy and unique gift for their partners. However, a boudoir session is a pampering and empowering experience for them as well. When you come in to the studio for your session, I will coach you through your photo shoot experience down to your fingertips. When you leave my studio, I want you to feel gorgeous and confident!



Hector is my husband. Without his help and encouragement I would’ve never gotten into boudoir photography. He is a wedding photographer and the person who makes all my crazy ideas come true. Every time I want to create a set, paint, or anything I can come up with, he is the one who makes it happen.  In fact, every time I say to him that I have a crazy idea, he always responds, “Surprise me!” .

Hector works “behind the scenes” and unfortunately you won't get to meet him. Before my client comes in, he makes sure all the shooting areas are clean and ready for them.  He also runs the business side of Sexy Beautiful Me, post-production, and appointment scheduling.  Think of him as “Charlie” from Charlie’s Angels. You know he is part of the company, but most clients never get to see him or meet him in person.

“Mi casa es su casa” and I can’t wait to meet you!

Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.
— Shannon L. Alder

What We Do

What We Do

We specialize in boudoir photography. A boudoir is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky”. Boudoir photography is the capturing of beautiful and intimate images of women in a similar “boudoir” ambiance. Ladies book a boudoir session because they feel the need to rediscover their beauty and sensuality and feel better about themselves. Brides book a boudoir as a sexy wedding gift. It also makes a unique and often unexpected anniversary, birthday, or Holiday gift to your significant other.




After owning a commercial location for a few years, I decided to arrange a special place in my home in Groveland, Florida for my sessions and my clients love it!  Unlike traditional portraiture, boudoir is intimate and it looks better when it's photographed in a real bedroom.  When I had the commercial space, I was lacking the beautiful natural light I have now and the cozy and contemporary look I like in my photos.  Working from my home provides a safe and cozy location for my clients and it gives me the freedom to revise my shooting space as much as I'd like and come up with new ideas. Groveland is located in Central Florida, next to Clermont, about 45 minutes to an 1 hour from most Orlando areas and about 1.5 hours from Tampa Bay area. We are so honored that the majority of our clients travel more than an hour to see us and some even from out of State. :-)


I've arranged two completely different bedroom sets for my clients. The white room has beautiful natural light, which gives your photos a soft and romantic look and feel. The dark room is sultry, sexy, and perfect for artistic nude photos.


Our vintage tub outdoor tub is also a favorite one with most of our clients.  The soft natural light it's perfect for soft romantic photos.


The beauty from working from home and having practically the entire place for my photo shoots, is that I can come up with fresh ideas and new areas to photography my clients.  I love to offer my clients a variety of looks for their sessions!


I am super excited to introduce this cute little area on my backyard for outdoor photos Boho style!


Boudoir is for all women

Boudoir is for all women

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We ALL deserve to feel and look beautiful. Boudoir photography is for all women who wants the experience. The majority of my clients are full figure women. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share photos on my website from most clients, but check out this beautiful curvy women who allowed me toshared their photos and become an inspiration to anyone considering a session!


Recent Sessions

Note: The ladies on these galleries and my website have given me permission to share their photos and inspire other ladies to get out of the comfort zone and book a session. Thank you ladies!

Recent Sessions

Note: The ladies on these galleries and my website have given me permission to share their photos and inspire other ladies to get out of the comfort zone and book a session. Thank you ladies!







People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder.
— Salma Hayek



Miss V

I had my first visit with Mya just last week! I wanted to get my fiancé something special and creative for his wedding gift, and I know he will absolutely LOVE this! The morning of my shoot, I woke up feeling so nervous-doing something like this, or even showing my body off is completely out of my comfort zone! The MOMENT I met Mya, her sweet/fun personality completely eased me. She is very easy to talk too, and makes you feel very welcome! She did such a beautiful job on my hair and makeup. I loved the whole process! During the shoot, she helps with posing, facial expressions, ect. Not once did I feel uncomfortable! My pictures are so beautiful, I look at them often in disbelief that it is actually me! I can not wait for my future husband to get his album! Thank you Mya! I will definitely be back.

Miss K

Can I just tell you how easy Mya is to work with first of all!!! I felt like I had no idea what I was doing at the very beginning but she made me feel such at ease and gave the best instructions! I have looked every where for something even close to quality to her photos and nothing comes close! She is one of a kind! I traveled to Orlando from St. PETERSBURG to take advantage of all of her at home studios and they were awesome. She is amazing at what she does, I'll just leave it at that! ♡

Miss S

I booked this service for a gift for my fiance and although I have never been professionally photographed before, Mya made me feel like a model! I was treated to awesome hair and make up, wonderful conversation throughout her expert administration of the beautification and coaching on ways to look at the camera...I could go on and on about skills she taught me... Bottom line, I am a plus sized lady, who never has time for herself and never thought that she would ever look at herself in professional, unedited photos and say, Wow...that's me. That is who I really am, and best of all, right then, you get to see yourself as your partner sees you. Mya has sales all the time and offers amazing deals on this one of a kind experience. You owe it to yourself to do this, especially if you are a bride, but really, if you are anyone!


VIP Gals Only

A special place just for you!

VIP Gals Only

A special place just for you!

Thank you so much for your purchase.  As a Sexy Beautiful Me costumer, you are now considered a Sexy Beautiful Me VIP. I know this is a nerve-wracking decision and kudos for you for taking the step! However, rest assured that I am here for YOU every step of the way!  As a boutique-style studio, I am aware that my time is limited and getting a hold of me can take a little while. That is why I created a private and closed VIP Facebook group for my clients and ladies interested in a photoshoot with me. 

In this group, you can chat with other clients and I, ask questions about your upcoming session, wardrobe ideas, how to prepare for your shoot, and more.  Because it's a private group, your Facebook friend cannot read anything you post there. Only members can do that. It's also a ladies-only group. Click here and request to join now. Make sure you Facebook page matches your Groupon voucher name or I won't be able to let you in. Also, if your profile is completely private, send me an email or an IM to let me know who you are. I like to protect my clients' privacy, so I need to be very careful who I let into the group.  I can't wait to meet you! ;-)


Contact Me

Contact Me


The fastest way to contact me is via email. Send me an email to with your questions.  If you need to book an appointment or check availability, click here instead. I do not make appointments over the phone because you are required to sign electronically my Studio Policies Agreement before booking an appointment. If you have other questions I did not cover on my FAQ's page, you can also text me during business hours (please, do NOT text me evenings or weekends) at 407-701-9678. I respond to all emails and text messages during business hours only. Thank you!